Remake Learning at Big Bang Summer Fest

July 21, 2020
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Friends’ Tent: Remake Learning

3pm Central | 2pm Mountain | 1pm Pacific

We have reserved space at Summer Fest for partners and initiatives that are aligned with the work of the Big Picture Learning network. Stop in, visit and learn from our peers in this space. 

This Friend’s Tent is hosted by our friends at Remake Learning. In late May, Remake Learning launched a five-month campaign marked by new grantmaking, virtual events and storytelling, calling upon communities to help forge a future where each day holds promise for every learner – where youth, families and educators prepare for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow might bring. As part of this campaign, educational leaders worked with KnowledgeWorks to identify fresh opportunities to connect timeless ideas with new ways of learning. Focused on justice, relationships and methods, what did this regional commission on the future of learning propose, and what now may happen as a result?

View more about the Big Picture Learning’s Big Bang Summer Fest here:

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