2019 GlobalMindED Conference

June 5 - 7, 2019
Denver, Colorado

GlobalMindED is an inclusive innovation network creating a diverse talent pipeline in education, business and government. Our community is dedicated to making first generation to college, underserved and non-traditional students employment ready and promotable so that they can become generous leaders and key drivers of our economic future.

GlobalMindED convenes thought leaders from academia, government, business and non-profits to solve issues we face in creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline through access and equity for all.

At the 2019 GlobalMindED ConferenceJesse Moyer, Abbie Forbus and Terrance Sullivan, JD, will be leading a workshop called “Creating Student Center Agency to Close Opportunity Gaps.”

Participants of this workshop will have an opportunity to discuss and share ideas related to personalized learning for all learners. Does personalized learning lead to a more equitable and accessible learning experience for children? What are some learner-centered practices that can be immediately implemented in our learning environments that will help close the opportunity gaps? Participants will walk away from the workshop with a better understanding of how personalized learning serves all students and with tangible tools to begin to incorporate personalized learning in their districts and classrooms.

Learn more about the conference here.

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