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KnowledgeWorks Announces 2022-23 “Leading Change” Community Fellows

KnowledgeWorks has named seven Leading Change Community Fellows for its 2022-23 cohort. Find out who they are.

Published: October 5, 2022
Topics: Building Capacity, Community Partnerships
Introducing the 2021-2022 Leading Change Community Fellows

Passing the torch to a new group of educators who will set the direction for the Leading Change PLC

Published: October 20, 2021
Topics: Building Capacity, Community Partnerships
Introducing Our Personalized Learning Community Fellows

Thirteen educators from 10 states will come together this month to kick off our new Personalized Learning Community fellowship. Here...

Published: March 9, 2020
Topics: Building Capacity
New KnowledgeWorks Fellowship Opportunity

Apply for the Personalized Learning Community Fellowship to co-design a peer-to-peer learning community to scale personalized, competency-based learning.

Published: January 31, 2020
Topics: Building Capacity
School Culture that Puts Student Well-Being First

At early college high schools, social-emotional supports and relationship development are central.

Published: June 11, 2019
Topics: Early College High School, Vision and Culture
Personalized Professional Development for Teachers an Integral Part of Personalizing Learning in Lexington, South Carolina

At White Knoll High School in South Carolina, professional development for teachers is personalized, which is helping them personalize learning...

Published: June 4, 2019
Topics: 101, Building Capacity
Illustrating Proficiency Grading Levels: 1234 Versus ABCDF

At the Early Childhood Center in Kenowa Hills, Michigan, posters help explain proficiency grading levels.

Published: April 30, 2019
Topics: Assessment and Accountability
What Students Learn Versus What Teachers Teach

With personalized, competency-based learning, the focus becomes on what students are learning.

Published: February 12, 2019
Topics: 101
2018 Time Capsule: What Will Learning Look Like in Three Years?

KnowledgeWorks celebrated the launch of Forecast 5.0 by creating our own 2018 future of learning time capsule to which staff...

Published: December 17, 2018
Topics: Future of Learning
Culturally Responsive Teaching in a Mastery Learning Environment

How a network of schools is helping increase equity with culturally responsive teaching and mastery learning.

How Can We All Be Better Grown-Ups For All of Our Kids? Insights from SXSWedu

How we can all be better grown-ups for all of our kids? Read some of the insights gained over the...

Published: March 29, 2018
Grateful for Growth Mindset

Emily Smith shares her gratitude for the focus on a growth mindset in her son's school.

Published: November 22, 2017
Topics: Education Policy, ESSA
Can teachers really personalize learning for every student?

A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of my husband’s high school teachers. Now retired from...

Published: April 12, 2017
Topics: Early College High School
Is your district ready for personalized learning?

KnowledgeWorks has a new 4-question self-assessment to quickly evaluate your district’s readiness to scale personalized learning and help you get...

Published: March 23, 2017
Topics: Education Policy, ESSA
How Competency Education Can Ensure Education Excellence for Every Child

Districts across the country are leading the way in personalized learning and committing to ensure every student will succeed in...

Published: November 17, 2016
Why early college? For graduate Jac’Quir Pearson, it gave him a better chance in life.

When Jac’Quir Pearson was in middle school, he was on a path to attend Timken Early College High School in...

Published: November 7, 2016
Topics: Early College High School, Higher Education
What I learned about personalized learning from Ms. Roy’s kindergarten class

Watch this video to learn how a competency-based education approach is implemented in a kindergarten setting at Henry L. Cottrell...

Published: October 24, 2016
Advice for Superintendents Getting Started with Personalized Learning

Looking back at a large scale school transformation initiative can provide key insights to help other leaders achieve success. To...

Published: May 16, 2016
Topics: Education Policy, ESSA
I Was Lucky

Education results and workforce needs are out of sync. And this challenge is common in rural communities across the country.

Published: September 11, 2015
Topics: Early College High School, Education Policy, ESSA