Building a Strong Education Continuum from Pre-K through College Completion to Future Success

It has been said it takes a village to raise a child. This rings equally true in the work to change the education culture to provide equitable, personalized learning. Considering that the education system supports an individual child from birth through adulthood, building a strong education continuum and creating collaborative networks around a common vision is critical to the success of every student.

Collaboration and partnership are at the foundation of everything we do at KnowledgeWorks. From career collective impact work in our hometown of Cincinnati, to our work helping school districts implement personalized learning, to our partnership with higher education institutions and like-minded education organizations across the country, we know that working together results in greater impact.

From pre-K through post-secondary completion, KnowledgeWorks advocates for building a strong education continuum with the following organizations.

K-12 Schools and Early College High Schools

Schools, districts and state education agencies throughout the country have partnered with KnowledgeWorks to grow educator capacity and educational achievement through personalized learning practices, early college programs and strategic foresight research. We connect schools for knowledge sharing and continuous learning through network activities like the Ohio Early College Association.

State and Federal Policymakers

Our team works alongside policymakers, in partnership with educators, business leaders and community stakeholders, to create policies that enable local innovation. We work collaboratively to create policy briefs, engage with legislators and help decision makers develop policy solutions that are more equitable and flexible, paving the way for personalized learning in the classroom.

“I’ve done some pretty ambitious collaborations before, but to work this closely with eight other people, online, to go from a blank page to a continuum of defensible competencies? Yea, us. Thanks to the Utah State Board of Education and KnowledgeWorks for laying the groundwork and providing the structure and supports to help us achieve this successful outcome.”

Participant in Utah competencies workshops,
a partnership between KnowledgeWorks and the Utah State Board of Education

Like-Minded Education Organizations

KnowledgeWorks partners with like-minded education organizations and agencies across the country to advance innovative education policy and build the capacity of community leaders and educators to implement personalized learning practices and prepare all students for the future.


StrivePartnership, an affiliate of KnowledgeWorks, unites leaders from various sectors to support every child, every step of the way, cradle to career in the urban core of Greater Cincinnati. The partnership improves student outcomes through engaging and empowering leaders, using actionable data and continuous improvement, aligning resources to what works, pursuing local and institutional policy change and advocating for equity at all levels of the system.

The College in High School Alliance

The College in High School Alliance (CHSA), founded in September 2016, is a coalition of over 35 leading national organizations committed to policies that support high-quality dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment and early college high schools. CHSA believes that greater support for these models at the federal, state and local levels will significantly improve the secondary and postsecondary outcomes of students, particularly those from low-income and middle-class backgrounds.