Building Leadership Capacity

High expectations. Limited resources. Constant change. Public scrutiny. These are realities district leaders and educators contend with on a regular basis. That’s why when KnowledgeWorks partners with a school, we don’t just hand over a plan, we work with you to tailor an approach that meets the unique needs of your schools, your students and your community. We partner with you to build the leadership capacity of your staff to do the work of personalized learning in the long term, and at scale.

Leadership development in a personalized learning system is about creating a pipeline of sustainable leaders capable of sustaining the transformation.

The Role of Leadership Development in Personalized Learning

At its core, developing leadership capacity in a personalized learning system is about creating a pipeline of sustainable leaders capable of sustaining the transformation to a personalized learning system.
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Personalizing Learning for Students and Teachers in Marysville, Ohio

In Marysville Exempted Village School District in Marysville, Ohio, teachers and students are empowered to take risks, collaborate and create meaningful, personalized learning experiences that do more than just get them to graduation day—students are ready for college and careers that give back to a community that has embraced a new model for education.
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Sustained success with personalized learning for my students stemmed from the condition of the school culture, said teacher Natalie Matthews.

The Importance of School Culture in Personalized Learning

One teacher reflects on how her administrators built a strong school culture, one in which the mindset of first doing what’s best for kids and second with the mindset that failure is okay. All stakeholders were encouraged to have a growth mindset.
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Personalized learning is “very real solution for students and teachers,” according to KnowledgeWorks Senior Manager of Research and Advocacy Sarah Jenkins.

5 Things Teachers Need to Personalize Learning

In their own words, five essential things teachers said they need in their classrooms to personalize learning. Based on an episode of EduTalk Radio Show about a recent paper, The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching: Personalized Learning According to Teachers© the discussion honed in on what educators have said they need to personalize learning in their classrooms.
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