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Strong School-Community Partnerships Benefit Everyone

Topics: Community Partnerships, Early College High School

Marysville Early College Principal Kathy McKinniss knows that a strong school partnership needs to be beneficial to both the school and the partner.Prior to opening Marysville Early College High School, Principal Kathy McKinniss thought about community partnerships as a one-way assist, a sort of network that the school could call on for help. As her school has evolved, so have her views on strong partnerships.

Marysville Early College High School is Ohio’s first manufacturing-related STEM early college. When the Marysville Exempted Village School District started down the path of creating an early college, they looked to their community for partners. Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. was a perfect match. By partnering with Honda, Marysville could ensure their students had access to hands-on real-world learning opportunities.

“The partnerships have to be beneficial for the school the partner,” said McKinniss. “From the inception of the [school] building, we sat down with our community partners and planned curriculum, we talked about the kind of equipment we would need to train students on and we spent a lot of time on the soft skills as well.”

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