Where Do We Go From Here? Navigating Our Current World of Learning

July 12, 2021

By: Kate Westrich

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has felt like a journey without an itinerary or a destination. As new information comes in, we’ve been challenged to assess our decisions and next steps, but with higher stakes. How do we navigate next steps?

Remaking Tomorrow: What Comes Next cover, featuring a girl in a mask with headphones on sitting at a desk on a computer

Remake Learning, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and KnowledgeWorks have been looking at pandemic-era teaching and learning in Pennsylvania. The goal? Fight the pull back to “normal” and answer the question:

What have we learned that we must preserve post-pandemic?

To find out, organizers conducted listening sessions with nearly 200 classroom teachers, school administrators, out-of-school the providers early learning educators, parents and caregivers from 31 Pennsylvania counties, as well as more than 900 surveys from educators across the state. This data helped highlight:

  • Practices that sparked innovation
  • Conditions that reinforced existing education inequalities
  • Actions we can take now to address issues and create positive, sustainable change

Organized around common themes, the findings have been gathered into Remaking Tomorrow: What Comes Next. Featuring easy to replicate strategies for educators, stories from schools and organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania, case studies and data, Remaking Tomorrow can act be a strategy guide for navigating the future of learning in your own school, district or community.

Read Remaking Tomorrow: What Comes Next to find strategies for the future of learning you can start applying today.


Kate Westrich
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

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