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Students Talk Equitable and Personalized Learning in Remaking Tomorrow Podcast Takeover

May 5, 2022

By: Sean Andres

Students have returned to take over the Remaking Tomorrow podcast, and this time, when talking about personalized learning, they’re talking about equity.

Remaking Tomorrow typically features interviews between hosts Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski and leading thinkers, practitioners and experts navigating the future of learning. For the next several weeks, the podcast is being handed over to those most closely engaged with the learning: students. The conversations highlight thoughts that learners have on personalized and equitable learning. They define these terms and also provide examples of how their experiences have been personalized and equitable or not. The students also provide advice and suggestions for systems and educators in order to make a more promising future for every learner.

While producers from Remake Learning, SLB Radio and KnowledgeWorks supported these new podcast hosts through technical assistance, background research and stipends, the students are very much in charge of the topics and interviews, which has led to great results. Starting on May 5, 2022, and continuing for five more episodes over the course of a month, students are discussing the issues of equity in education.

Podcast episodes

A high school girl with dark hair and brown skin wears headphones and sits in front of a microphone speaking

High school students Delena and Henry talk with Aura, Alex and Roma about what equitable, personalized learning means to them, valuing mental and social health, disability accommodation and identity in their experiences. They give advice for students and educators to help advocate for what students need.

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High school student Mohammad joins Delena and Henry to talk about equity around personalized learning, standardized testing, updating curriculum, diversifying after school activities, self worth, and supports during the teacher shortage. Mohammad stresses the importance of listening and mental health.

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a high school boy with brown wavy hair in a gray-brown t-shirt sits in a recording studio at a microphone with headphones on

Henry is joined by high schooler Brendan to host guests Rishi and Daniel as they discuss equity in education. They discuss how personalized learning supports curiosity so that students can truly learn, social and historical implications in what students learn, cross-content skill development, students supporting other students and classroom management according to class size and class emotional and mental state.

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a Black teen girl with her dark curly hair tied back, glasses on, headphones on, mask under her chin, talking excitedly into the microphone in a recording booth

Junior Ethan asks guests junior Michael and graduates Lee and Jhordan about their experiences, or lack of, personalized learning in school and how equity differs from equality in education means to them. They discuss the pressure and meaninglessness of grades, how meaningful Black teachers are in the classroom – even for White students – and the power of developing a relationship between teacher and student to understand who they are and how they learn.

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A teenaged Black boy with locks, wearing a white t-shirt and headphones speaks at a microphone.

Junior Tian hosts this episode featuring sophomores Leonard and Gordon. They discuss what makes learning fun for them, the inequities of tracking and culture of inclusivity and belonging. One common thread: Educators need to ask – and provide – students what they need to succeed.

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a teenaged Black girl with locks wearing a blue mask and cardigan sings at a microphone

Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School freshmen Jasmine, Vaughn, Emanuel and Cameron talk about what they would have loved to see for their own personalized learning experience, creating safe spaces and the vast differences in opportunities and media representation between schools in the same district.

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The Remaking Tomorrow podcast is available on all major platforms.


Sean Andres
Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications

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