Elevating Student Voice: A Learning Agenda

July 26, 2023

Black male in a classroom with other students in the background.

Creating student-centered models without students in the process seems, well, not student-centered. Elevating Student Voice: A Learning Agenda emphasizes the significance of incorporating student input into educational decision-making and offers guidance to organizations on involving students in policymaking, advocacy, research, storytelling and leadership roles.

Policymakers, intermediaries and other decisionmakers can learn:

  • Valuable insights and approaches to genuinely engage student voices in educational decision-making
  • The advantages of student engagement, including well-informed policies, stronger organizations and leadership growth
  • Introspection and action by posing essential questions to foster meaningful student participation

Unleash the potential of student voices and pave the path towards a brighter future for education by exploring practical strategies for authentic engagement.

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