Discussion Guides for Forecast 5.0: Navigating the Future of Learning

Topics: Future of Learning, Higher Education

We are experiencing major societal shifts driven by exponential advancement in digital technologies. These shifts will impact education over the next decade and beyond. How might we respond to this rapid change to ensure that every student gets the education and support they deserve and that our communities thrive in the future?

KnowledgeWorks’ fifth comprehensive future forecast, Navigating the Future of Learning, seeks to chart potential future courses for education by identifying key drivers of change shaping learning and suggesting what they could mean – as well as how education stakeholders might begin to respond today.

These discussion guides are intended to help you explore and engage with future possibilities. After reading the forecast, use the questions to support your own individual reflection on the content or use them as the basis of conversation among colleagues who have also read the forecast.

Discussion guide for district, school and classroom leaders

Discussion guide for higher education leaders

Discussion guide for thought leaders and changemakers