Five Ways to Jumpstart Personalized Learning

September 10, 2021

By: Anne Olson, Lori Phillips

Turning schools into personalized learning environments can take a lot of time, research, reflection and trial and error. While systemic change takes the right tools and conversations, small steps can also lead to large gains in creating personalized learning environments responsive to student needs.

This resource from Remake Learning outlines, describes and provides examples for the incremental steps that educators can take to cultivate personalized learning practices before or while the larger school community is working towards systemic transformation.

Five ways to start your journey towards personalized learning:

  1. Listen to learner and educator voice
  2. Provide opportunity for choice
  3. Use a variety of assessments
  4. Connect with out-of-school organizations
  5. Collaborate and network

Starting your journey towards more personalized learning doesn’t have to be complicated.


Anne Olson
Director of State Advocacy
Lori Phillips
Director of Teaching and Learning

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