Schools and Districts Success Stories

The work to personalize learning is community-wide, and each of these stories speaks not just to the work that is happening in districts, but the role a community plays in shaping learning. Read our stories about school districts who have implemented personalized, competency-based education or who are personalizing learning for students with early college high school.

With 20 years of experience exploring the future of learning and partnering with schools and state and federal policymakers, KnowledgeWorks passionate team believes in working together to create a system-wide approach to grow and sustain student-centered practices. Here are some of our school district stories exploring common strategies, approaches and challenges, and how each community brought their own culture and vision to bear:

Read a case study about Marysville School District in Marysville, Ohio, and how they are transforming teaching and learning for more than 5,000 students and 500 teachers and staff.

This Ohio District is Seeing Parallel Gains in Students’ Sense of Hope and Their Academic Achievement

Learn how Marysville Schools in Ohio have set up a pathway for learner success with a culture of personalized learning.
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A group of English teachers in Farmington, Minnesota, are redesigning the traditional ninth grade curriculum to better serve all learners.

Rethinking English Class in Farmington, Minnesota

Learn how English educators at Farmington Area Public Schools reframed their curriculum to better engage learners in a more authentic way.
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Shared Leadership is Key to Scaling Student-Centered Practices at FlexTech in Michigan

Learn how FlexTech Schools created a system of shared leadership and support for educators to help scale personalized learning.
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Want to get your school district started on personalized, competency-based education? We can help you develop a future-ready vision that will act as a starting point for your journey.