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The Future of Learning and COVID-19

Individuals from more than 20 countries joined us for a recent informal webinar exploring future tensions and uncertainties arising from COVID-19.

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Virgel Hammonds

Areas of Expertise: systems-level change thinking, curriculum development, superintendent experience “I believe it is our responsibility to inspire and empower wonder about learning opportunities that can change the lives and futures of our kiddos and communities.” Virgel partners with national policymakers and local learning communities throughout the country to redesign learning structures to become more … Continued


Building Community Support

Your vision for personalized learning must be created, shared and celebrated by everyone within your learning community. Community support is crucial. Encouraging questions and making room at the decision-making table for educators, parents, students and community and business leaders is critical for a successful implementation of personalized, competency-based learning. Laying the Groundwork for a Community-Wide … Continued

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Competency-Based Education

At KnowledgeWorks, our approach to personalized, competency-based learning is rooted in our belief that all children can learn, should be challenged to take ownership of their learning as individuals and empowered with the academic knowledge and social-emotional skills they need for the future. It’s what good teaching and learning has always looked like. Below are … Continued
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Three Reasons Non-Traditional Grading Won’t Negatively Affect College Acceptance

Guest post by Matthew Shea, Coordinator of Student Achievement at RSU2 in Maine, and co-host of Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney, a new and noteworthy iTunes podcast As districts shift to competency-based learning, one issue that always concerns parents is college acceptance. How will colleges know what my child has learned if there aren’t … Continued

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The “Education” Debate Tally

During eight presidential debates, 175,000 words were spoken but the word “education” only came up 64 times. That’s not enough.

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Big Data Backlash

Matt Williams led and facilitated a session at the Grantmakers for Education’s (GFE) annual conference in Miami. The session was sponsored by GFE’s Education Policy Working Group and was titled, “Policy Update: Big Data Backlash – Better and Safer Data Use in Education.”

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Is Oregon Ready to Scale Competency Education?

Last week my colleague, Jesse Moyer, and I had the pleasure of facilitating a session at the 2014 Northwest Proficiency/Competency Conference hosted by the Oregon Business Education Compact and the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators. We were asked by the conference organizers to guide the group through a number of exercises to answer two important … Continued

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Education Key Topic in Ohio State of the State Address

Governor John Kasich delivered his State of the State of Ohio speech last night in Medina, Ohio with several policy initiatives aimed at education (and a couple hinting at elements of competency education and early college)