Forging Youth-Centered Futures: Bringing Youth Visions to Life

November 29, 2021

A new paper shares youth visions for a post-pandemic future of learning and strategies to achieve them.How might kids remake learning for a post-pandemic future? What advice might they have for adults? What approaches and strategies might they want us to use as we build futures focused on them?

We won’t know if we don’t include youth and their perspectives in our conversations and strategic planning for reaching and learning. If we aren’t including youth, we are only meeting the needs of adults.

Drawn from ideas generated during a workshop co-hosted with Remake Learning, in Forging Youth-Centered Futures: Bringing Youth Visions to Life we imagine possible futures that reflect the desires and needs of youth. Related strategies suggest ways of bringing these and other designs to life, creating youth-centered learning not just in the future, but right now.

In Forging Youth-Centered Futures: Bringing Youth Visions to Life, strategies are centered around five key themes:

  • Importance of relationships in learning
  • Need for personalization of learning
  • Integral role of student supports in learning
  • Roles of learning locations – the spaces and places that support education
  • Guiding beliefs and values that shape learning cultures

This is part of our ongoing work with Tomorrow, a campaign powered by Remake Learning, and in partnership with SLB Radio Productions.

Join us in bringing youth visions for the future of learning to life.


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