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From State Commitment to District Implementation

Approaches and strategies for personalized, competency-based learning

June 6, 2022

From State Commitment to District Implementation: Approaches and Strategies for Personalized, Competency-Based Learning documents and analyzes how personalized, competency-based learning is taking hold in these states and the initial cohort of school districts implementing the work. The research was done in partnership with Research for Action (RFA), a nonprofit education research organization, and serve as a resource for states and districts already involved in personalized, competency-based learning; provides considerations for other states adopting personalized, competency-based learning; and offers lessons learned for the wider field.

The report provides analyses based on state- and district-level data:

  • State partnerships: a brief overview of the personalized, competency-based learning efforts in KnowledgeWorks partner states and equity considerations across the states
  • State approaches to adopting personalized, competency-based learning: a roadmap of approaches to state commitment to personalized, competency-based learning
  • State supports for local implementation: a comparative analysis of state strategies to support district implementation of personalized, competency-based learning
  • Cross-district analysis of implementation: a district-level analysis exploring implementation across six districts in three of the study states
  • Lessons learned for the field: based on district-level analysis, we provide lessons learned for study sites and the larger field
  • Recommendations for state and district leaders: recommendations from both the state- and district-level analyses and potential next steps for the research

You can find the full report and two briefs at Research For Action.

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