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Remaking Tomorrow Explores a Just, Learner-Centered Future for Education in the Greater Pittsburgh Region

August 10, 2020

By: Jason Swanson, Katherine Prince

cover for Remaking Tomorrow Explores a Just, Learner-Centered Future for Education in the Greater Pittsburgh RegionBetween May and June of 2020, KnowledgeWorks partnered with Remake Learning to convene Pittsburgh educators, advocates and stakeholders to consider how to build on the possibilities and urgency revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While much work remains as the pandemic continues to change and deepen the needs of children, caregivers and educators – particularly those who were previously underserved and harmed by inequitable systems most exposed to its impacts – the region is committed against quick fixes, one-size-fits-all solutions and a return to any “normal” that was siloed and unjust.

Participants in these workshops, designed and facilitated by KnowledgeWorks, explored how to shape and reshape a future of learning in the region that is just, equitable and learner-centered. Three aspirational focal points guided conversations:

  • Justice
    Committing to helping every learner, family and community flourish and to making learning equitable by renegotiating power imbalances, dismantling barriers, promoting anti-racist practices and affording more supports and opportunities to learners of greatest need while working alongside them, valuing their experiences and supporting and honoring their voices, strengths, potential and dignity
  • Methods
    Igniting engaging and relevant learning practices that support learners’ and educators’ health, wellness and human development and which cultivate their capacity to navigate rapid social and technological change
  • Relationships
    Prioritizing meaningful relationships among learners and their families, peers, educators and mentors; forging engaged partnerships; negotiating power dynamics; and helping learners develop cross-cultural understandings and social capital that unlock opportunities to thrive

Participants built upon these focal points to identify key attributes for the future of learning. Remaking Tomorrow shares their insights, action steps and commitment to realizing that future in the greater Pittsburgh region.

COVID-19 has left the education system in need of help. We’re developing resources to help educators and policymakers during and after COVID-19 to create more sustainable, resilient and equitable systems.


Jason Swanson
Senior Director of Strategic Foresight
Katherine Prince
Vice President of Foresight and Strategy

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