Marysville Early College High School: “A Foundation for a Fantastic Future”

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When we spoke in 2015 about their experience at Marysville Early College High School, Elijah Mejia said, “Each of my teachers wants me to pass and they care for each of their students.” Now that Mejia has graduated, that sentiment rings even more true.

When Mejia enrolled at the newly opened Marysville Exempted Village School District early college high school, it was with the assumption that they would pursue a career in the medical field, as so many family members had previously done. But, like so many students, plans changed.

“Just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you want to do,” said Mejia. They were lucky to come to this realization while still in school, and that was, in part, due to the support and encouragement of the Marysville Early College High School teaching staff.

“If I was to convince someone to attend Marysville Early College High School, I would focus on the atmosphere; the teacher-student dynamic,” said Mejia. “I would tell them that this school is a perfect facility for one to come into their own; to grow and explore and become their own person.”

As someone who has watched their interests and goals evolve and change, Mejia recommends early college specifically for people who are still on a journey of discovery. They said that for students wanting to grow and learn as a person that Marysville Early College High School was “a wonderful, supportive environment.”

The future is wide open for Mejia, who is beginning a gap year, enjoying travel and considering their options. Other Marysville Early College High School students are off to college or considering future careers with local business partner Honda. Looking back on early college, Mejia said that Marysville gave each students choices for their for what comes next.

“It’s a foundation for a fantastic future.”