For Future Business Leader Ying Cho, People, Planet and Profit Are Entwined

Topics: Future of Learning, Systems Change

My mantra is to do good while doing well.

Ying Cho
Character from IMPACT: Learning Edition

As Ying Cho was climbing the corporate career ladder, he saw corporate social responsibility shift to include a broader focus on community alongside climate. Now, in 2031, he works as Director, Community and Environmental Initiatives for a big corporation. In this role, he leads the integration of the three “P’s” – people, planet and profit – into everyday business operations. Ying advocates for renewable energy policy. He also encourages collective action on issues affecting employment policies that support employees’ well-being in his workplace and beyond.

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When Ying looks to the future, he puts climate and environment first. Too many places are burning, scorching and flooding, and he sees it as being urgent that individuals and businesses intervene to get climate change in check. With his corporate role, Ying also wants to make sure that work and employment remain strong even as we scale back humanity’s footprint. He knows how much policy and governance can influence large-scale problems and individuals’ lives, so he wants to make sure that these areas find renewed effectiveness as people’s challenges get ever more complex.

Ying Cho is a character from IMPACT: Learning Edition, a game that helps players consider what education might look like in our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. A player advocating for his future would scan the horizon for early indicators of change such as those below.

  • Remaking Geographies – What if some communities strengthened their focus on environmental sustainability to buffer against system shocks and reinvigorate their economies?
  • Lending a Hand – What if communities, experts, parents and organizations lent their time and knowledge to educators and students to create real-world learning opportunities for all?
  • Equity 2.0 – What if targeted universalism, an equity-oriented policy framework whereby coalitions use group-specific strategies to achieve universal goals, gained traction in DC?

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Someone in Ying’s position might be able to draw upon such changes to advance his goals, creating multiple kinds of benefit. But other factors could undermine their impact as competing forces sought to navigate uncertain terrain.

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