Explore the Future with Sequoia Yazzie, Well-Being Coordinator

Topics: Future of Learning, Systems Change

I take great pride in helping learners and colleagues with the two big W’s: well-being and wayfinding.

Sequoia Yazzie
Character from IMPACT: Learning Edition

Sequoia Yazzie works as a well-being coordinator, a job that would have been described as a guidance counselor back in 2022. In this role, Sequoia helps learners and colleagues attend to their well-being. She also helps them with wayfinding, developing the habits and skills to explore what comes next. She guides learners in organizing environmental justice actions. She also assists them in developing the social-emotional skills, racial literacy and cultural competency needed to participate fully in society.

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With her focus on well-being, Sequoia wants to make sure that future learning environments support learners’ health and well-being, and that broader society does so too. She also wants people to attend to climate and environment. These crucial areas are changing fast, and they impact people’s ability to thrive. Having strong civic life is also very important to Sequoia’s preferred future. She wants everyone to be able to participate in and influence society, and she supports young people in developing the skills to do so.

Sequoia Yazzie is a character from IMPACT: Learning Edition, a game designed to stretch players’ thinking about how they might influence the future of learning. A player advancing Sequoia’s preferred future would pay special attention to changes such as those described below.

  • Detention? More Like Deten-Zen – What if schools increasingly turned to mindfulness practices and meditation to help students ease anxiety and as an alternative to traditional discipline approaches?
  • To Measure or Not to Measure – What if community-led well-being scorecards improved health outcomes and community empowerment but critics insisted that human experience cannot be measured?
  • Crisis of Crises – What if children and families normalized volatility and uncertainty due to a seemingly endless string of social crises?

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These changes could help bring education and community life closer to Sequoia’s preferred future. Even the crisis of crises could strengthen civic life by bringing people together to address collective trauma. But these changes could also complicate the path forward, especially if they had had inequitable impacts or if widespread trauma were not addressed.

Sequoia’s interests highlight how even seemingly straightforward aspirations such as realizing health and well-being for all or having strong civic life do not usually mean the same thing to everyone or cannot be realized in the same way for each individual or community.

That’s part of what IMPACT: Learning Edition helps players explore. Because each of us has our own role, values and distinctive take on what the future should look like, creating the future can all too easily feel like a competition instead of a collaborative effort. Get your copy of IMPACT: Learning Edition to compete for your player’s future around the game table. Then work with others to respond to the changes reshaping learning.

Enter the future world of IMPACT: Learning Edition, a new way to examine education systems using futures thinking.