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Bring Your Future to the Table

IMPACT: Learning Edition is a board game that uses futures thinking to help you imagine and think critically about changes that could impact the future of learning. Players take on diverse characters – each with their own role, values and unique set of preferred future conditions – and compete to create a world where their future role is relevant and secure.

Perfect for three to five players, IMPACT: Learning Edition helps players to recognize the roles they play in shaping the future they want – even after the game is over.

This price covers production and distribution costs. KnowledgeWorks does not profit from the sale of IMPACT: Learning Edition.

Learn as You Play

Deepen your understanding of cause-and-effect relationships

Engage in conversations about the future of learning
Grapple with change through systems thinking

IMPACT: Learning Edition offers endless re-playability with interactions among future impacts, disruptions and your own perspectives.

Diverse Character Personas

Game Highlights

10 Real-World Domains for players to influence in the pursuit of their characters’ preferred futures
100 Impact Cards that describe plausible future developments inspired by real events, trends and projections
Disruption Cards that explore large-scale shifts whose consequences can’t be avoided
“Headline of an Era” Challenges that invite players to flex their creative and critical thinking skills

This price covers production and distribution costs. KnowledgeWorks does not profit from the sale of IMPACT: Learning Edition.

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IMPACT: Learning Edition is an adaptation of IMPACT: A Foresight Game, a game originally designed by Idea Couture in collaboration with Policy Horizons Canada. This version was created with permission from Idea Couture and its parent company, Cognizant.


IMPACT: Learning Edition reflects extensive strategic foresight research done by KnowledgeWorks over a two-year period, led by Maria Romero and with contributions from Katherine Prince, Jason Swanson, Katie King and other colleagues from KnowledgeWorks.

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