Explore the Future with Suri Devi, Ed Tech Expert

Topics: Future of Learning, Systems Change

I promote learning as leveling up. It’s the best way to keep students’ attention.

Suri Devi
Character from IMPACT: Learning Edition

Suri Devi works as chief experience officer for an ed tech company. In 2021, her role would have been called “chief executive officer.” Suri is also mom to two elementary-aged learners. In her job, she seeks to gamify learning for student engagement and mastery. She constantly campaigns for learning communities to use (and purchase) her company’s tools. As part of that effort, she advocates for permissive policies that align educational games with state standards and broaden device access.

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As her role reflects, Suri values technology and wants to see it, along with science, be valued in the future. In her view, creating and accessing new knowledge and tools help people achieve more of what we want for ourselves. Given her advocacy efforts, Suri also wants to see strong policy and governance that hold people accountable while keeping up with the times. Another big part of her future vision is for recreation, leisure and play to be appreciated for their inherent value – and also for their role in supporting learning and other serious endeavors.

Suri Devi is a character from IMPACT: Learning Edition, a game that helps people explore how layers of change could impact education. A player advocating for Suri’s interests would watch for developments such as those listed below.

  • State Funding Cliff – What if downturns in state revenues resulted in significantly reduced PreK-12 education spending?
  • Gene Editing from the Comfort of Home – What if biohackers – including hobbyists, amateur geneticists, youth and enthusiasts – practiced gene editing on their own, sparking concern among some bioterrorism experts?
  • AI-AssitED – What if AI-powered digital games became the preferred tools for personalized learning, linking it more tightly to ed tech?

In their own ways, each of these changes could feel shocking. Yet each of them reflects a signal of change, or early indicator, that is emerging today. Even with her focus on ed tech and her priorities for the future, Suri might find these changes to be complicated, neither entirely positive nor absolutely negative. Bringing in her perspective as a parent could raise even more layers of complexity and ambiguity.

IMPACT: Learning Edition helps players peel back those layers by practicing cause-and-effect thinking. It also helps players imagine how such changes could converge to affect the future. Playing it provides good practice for the real-life task of monitoring how the world is changing and anticipating what those changes could mean for education. It helps us feel how even the most alluring changes can have downsides and the most off-putting can open new opportunities.

If you get dealt Suri’s hand, you can explore those prospects alongside her.

Learn more about IMPACT: Learning Edition, and purchase a copy for your learning community’s stakeholders to play.