Dreaming Into Learning Futures

A look at where education could be headed in 2032

Topics: Future of Learning

What if we gave ourselves permission to dream about the future and the countless opportunities it presents? To help process changes that can feel destabilizing, to process our work differently and to create room for hope?

By asking questions like these, we were able to explore the future of learning in Dreaming Into Learning Futures, published in collaboration with the Reinvention Lab. This publication explores trends that are provoking us to imagine where learning in the United States might be headed over the next 10 years. It looks at difficult truths as well as possibilities and opportunities.

Dreaming into the future is a way to bring agency to that which feels beyond our control and a way of sparking our creativity to imagine something radically different.

Join us in an exploration of the future and an opportunity to ask, “What if…?”