Exploring the Future of Learning in Your Context

Future of learning community forecasts and future-ready workshops

KnowledgeWorks helps education and community leaders explore the future of learning through customized future-ready workshops and forecast adaptations. Drawing upon fourteen years of education foresight, our team can help you and your stakeholders consider what future possibilities could mean in your context and how you might want to respond.

KnowledgeWorks’ strategic foresight engagements help education groups and communities explore future possibilities, consider their implications and identify ways of taking action today to pursue preferred futures and create better opportunities for every learner. These customized engagements can take many forms. They range from half-day to multi-day workshops to immersive experiences that let stakeholders travel to the future to interactive keynotes that raise people’s awareness of changes on the horizon.

These events draw upon our future of learning forecasts and other publications to help education leaders, influencers and innovators – including educators, students and community members – grapple with the changing landscape.

Each engagement is tailor made for the audience. Learn more about how you can explore the future of learning in your community.

It was really good for us to think about our hyper-local context and look at things happening in our own backyards that are already shaping the future. I encourage every community to do that.

Sunanna Chand
Former Director, Remake Learning

Forecast adaptations

KnowledgeWorks collaborates with community, regional or state-wide groups to create customized forecast adaptations that apply our strategic foresight research to specific contexts. These adaptations combine our strategic foresight expertise with your vision, priorities and contextual knowledge. They can involve stakeholder convenings designed to generate local understanding of opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

For example, KnowledgeWorks:

  • Adapted our fourth ten-year forecast for the Pittsburgh region
  • Created strategy guides on shaping the future of readiness in three Ohio regions
  • Is collaborating with a Pittsburgh youth organization to produce a series of podcasts highlighting opportunities and challenges raised by our fifth ten-year forecast

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We help education leaders, influencers and innovators like you make sense of change and take informed action today.

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