Future of Learning Community Forecasts and Future-Ready Workshops

KnowledgeWorks helps education and community leaders explore the future of learning through customized community forecasts and workshops. With more than a decade of experience, our strategic foresight team can help you translate insights about the future into strategic action that creates better opportunities for all students.

Future-Ready Workshops

KnowledgeWorks offers future of learning workshops to help local leaders, community members, educators and students make sense of changes on the horizon and identify ways to shape the future of learning today. Based on our Future of Learning Forecast™, other in-depth foresight research and unique local goals, KnowledgeWorks future of learning workshops help you:

  • Understand what is driving change and forces that shape the future of learning
  • Develop future-ready plans and strategies to respond to accelerating change
  • Spark new thinking about your vision for student success
  • Redefine college and career readiness based on the changing world of learning and work
  • Identify immediate actions to better prepare all students
  • Incorporate futures thinking into your annual strategic planning process

10-year Community Forecasts

KnowledgeWorks works with community, regional or state-wide groups to create customized future of learning community forecasts based on local context. These forecasts adapt our most recent ten-year forecast, The Future of Learning: Education in the Era of Partners in Code, and help you identify:

  • Forces of change and future possibilities likely to shape the future of learning in your community
  • Local signals of change that may impact the future
  • Local opportunities to ensure equity among students, teachers and schools and to address other opportunities and challenges on the horizon

It was really good for us to think about our hyper-local context and look at things happening in our own backyards that are already shaping the future. I encourage every community to do that.

Sunanna Chand
Director, Remake Learning, a Pittsburgh-based organization that worked with KnowledgeWorks to consider the region’s future of learning

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