Future of Learning

KnowledgeWorks Forecast 3.0

Recombinant Education:

Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem

This forecast previews five disruptions that will reshape learning over the next decade. Responding to them with creativity rather than fear will be critical to preparing all learners for an uncertain future.

  • Democratized Startup

    Transformational investment strategies and open access to startup knowledge, expertise, and networks will seed an explosion of disruptive social innovations.

  • High-fidelity Living

    As big data floods human sensemaking capacities, cognitive assistants and contextual feedback systems will help people target precisely their interactions with the world.

  • De-institutional-ized Production

    Activity of all sorts will be increasingly independent of institutions as contributions become more ad-hoc, dynamic, and networked.

  • Customizable Value Webs

    Innovative, open business models will leverage complex networks of assets and relationships to create ultra-customer-centric experiences across industries

  • Shareable Cities

    Next gen cities will drive social innovation, with urban infrastructure shaped by patterns of human connection and contribution.

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