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Jesse Moyer

Senior Director, School Development

Areas of Expertise: development, strategy, operations

“I didn’t have a great experience in school and I wasn’t prepared for college. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart enough to succeed; I didn’t get what I needed in high school to prepare me for success. I refuse to let that continue to be a reality for some students in our country.”

Jesse leads operations and development activities regarding KnowledgeWorks’ work in schools.

Prior to his current role, Jesse lead research to support KnowledgeWorks’ publication/thought leadership strategy, working closely with various states on education advocacy opportunities and providing leadership for special projects that brought together thinking around policy and strategic foresight. Moyer began his time at KnowledgeWorks helping organizations think differently about the world they wanted to create, primarily through his work with KnowledgeWorks’ future forecasting.

Before joining KnowledgeWorks, he served as Director of Chapter Services for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity General Headquarters, directing membership education and support activities for more than 10,000 undergraduate members on over 150 campuses across the United States and Canada.

Jesse earned a master’s in education from Xavier University and a bachelor’s from the University of South Dakota.