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Ashley Wricks

Senior Manager of Human Resources

Areas of Expertise: talent acquisition and development, leading inclusive change and employee engagement

I see more than ever that the more time we take to understand the more we understand ourselves and the more we can come together to make positive changes in our workplaces and world.

With 14 years of experience in human resources, Ashley brings a wealth of expertise to her role as senior manager of human resources. Directing her efforts towards learning and development, as well as recruiting and onboarding initiatives, Ashley plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s workforce strategy. Drawing on her extensive experience, Ashley also drives the organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion and justice strategic efforts.

Believing in the pivotal role of Human Resources as a genuine partner to the organization, Ashley is dedicated to influencing policies that mold culture and define workplace dynamics. Her commitment extends to promoting and implementing strategies that engage all levels of the organization, with a central focus on prioritizing employee wellbeing. Ashley seizes every opportunity to listen, understand and empower voices, advocating for the design of policies, procedures and processes that center humanity. Emphasizing the need for intentional efforts, she underscores the creation of systems that foster wellbeing and innovative solutions.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys experiencing life with her large family, spending time in nature and actively engaging in her community, serving as a birth/postpartum doula with the African American Breastfeeding Network in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.