Forging the Future of Learning: The Kids Have a Lot to Say

Topics: Future of Learning

Across the US, people are re-imagining how schools might function in the future. Experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the need to think differently about education and to make sure that it is meeting learners’ needs. Youth are directly affected by these issues and by the design of education systems and learning experiences. Yet they are often left out of conversations about how education might need to change and what might be possible – and desirable – when it comes to the future of learning.

Tomorrow, powered by Remake Learning, wants to make sure that youth have a voice in how education could and should change over the next 10 years. KnowledgeWorks partnered with Remake Learning and SLB Radio Productions to gather youth ideas about how they might remake learning for a post-pandemic future.

Among the key elements youth spoke about were:

  • Importance of relationships in learning
  • Need for personalization of learning
  • Integral role of student supports in learning
  • Roles of learning locations – the spaces and places that support education
  • Guiding beliefs and values that shape learning cultures

Read the brief or download the infographic to learn more about these five elements youth identified and why they are important for their ideal future of learning.

cover to Forging the Future of Learning, featuring teens sitting and standing around a table in a classroom, one standing holding a boom between the two sitting as they record a podcast
Brief: "Forging the Future of Learning"
Infographic: "If Young People Remade Learning"