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Shaping the Future of Learning: A Strategy Guide

October 13, 2016

By: Katherine Prince, Jason Swanson, Katie King

Shaping the Future of Learning: A Strategy Guide explores five foundational issues facing education and suggests strategies for responding to them.The next decade represents a critical window of choice. Exponential advances in digital technologies, new social norms, organizational approaches and economic models are ushering in new ways of living, working and learning that could look dramatically different from today’s realities.

To help education stakeholders respond to the changing external environment, we have prepared Shaping the Future of Learning: A Strategy Guide©, where we explore five foundational issues facing education:

  • 360 Degree Learners: How can we educate the whole person and enable lifelong learning that supports academic and social-emotional growth?
  • The Whole, and the Sum of Its Parts: How can we personalize learning in the community, reorienting education around learners while strengthening society?
  • Elastic Structures: How can we create flexible approaches to learning and coordination that respond to learners’ needs?
  • Innovation with Intent: How can we ground systems change in equity, including and supporting underserved learners?
  • The New A+: How can we renegotiate definitions of success, examining what education systems aim to achieve and who gets to say?

This paper, with its accompanying infographic, suggests strategies for responding to these five foundational issues, with spotlights on K-12 school-based education, informal and community-based learning and higher education.



Katherine Prince
Vice President of Foresight and Strategy
Jason Swanson
Senior Director of Strategic Foresight
Katie King
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement

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