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Education Futures: Balancing the Familiar and the Unknown

Fourteen Years of Education Foresight

August 5, 2020

By: Katherine Prince

Education Futures: Balancing the Familiar and the Unknown - Fourteen Years of Education Foresight first pageIn “Education Futures: Balancing the Familiar and the Unknown,” originally published in Emerald Publishing’s On the Horizon, Katherine Prince reflects on her experience at KnowledgeWorks developing a robust and nationally recognized Futures Studies practice over a period of 14 years.

With the publication, Prince aims to help other strategic foresight practitioners, along with organizations that are considering investing in Futures Studies, anticipate considerations that could help them strengthen their practice or set up their organizational investment for success.

Prince guides readers through her Futures Studies journey, examining ways in which organizational learning and dynamics, as well as audience reception, affected the relative success of the work. From the development of KnowledgeWorks’ first forecast to its most recent Navigating the Future of Learning, Prince examines KnowledgeWorks’ capacity development in learning how to engage education audiences in exploring the future of learning.

Download “Education Futures: Balancing the Familiar and the Unknown” below.


Katherine Prince
Vice President of Foresight and Strategy

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