Create a Vision Focused on Preparing Each Student for the Future

KnowledgeWorks helps district and community leaders create a community-wide vision for personalized learning focused on ensuring every student is ready for the future. Rather than starting with the outcomes you hope to improve, KnowledgeWorks can help you build community-wide commitment to a vision focused on the knowledge, skills and characteristics you hope your graduates will possess so they are ready for a future that will look very different than today.

No matter where you are in the development and implementation of your vision for personalized learning, we can help you:

  • Bring together all stakeholders, build open and inclusive conversations and grow community-wide commitment
  • Facilitate in-depth community discussions to uncover why personalized learning is central to your vision and develop your unique profile of a graduate
  • Spark new thinking about the future of learning and work through strategic foresight workshops based on our most recent forecast, Imagining Liberatory Education Futures.
  • Grow community partnerships to facilitate learning in and out of school
  • Develop a supportive culture and transparent practices to sustain long-term commitment student-centered learning and education equity
  • Craft, implement and sustain a community-wide vision for personalized learning with our Visioning Toolkit: Laying the Groundwork for a Community-Wide Vision for Personalized Learning, drawing on our work in schools and the experiences of our experts

Need help creating a community-wide vision? Schedule a phone call with a KnowledgeWorks teaching and learning expert for advice on getting started.