Growing Personalized Learning Classroom Practices

Every teacher can personalize learning for their students—and beginning to create a district-wide culture of student-centered, personalized learning is easier than you might think. Check out the following resources to help you begin your own personalized learning classroom practices.

Teachers are more critical than ever in a personalized learning environment. Get answers to common questions about the role of the teacher in a personalized, competency based classroom.

The Role of the Teacher in a Personalized, Competency-Based Classroom

Because relationships drive student learning in a competency-based classroom, teachers are more important partners than ever. This resource explores common questions teachers have about personalized learning classroom practices—and how to answer them.
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Student-centered, personalized learning is the best way to do what’s best for every student in your classroom, school & district. Read 5 tips to get started.

5 Strategies for a More Student-Centered Classroom

It’s possible to take small steps at any time during the school year to begin the work of building a school and classroom culture that supports students as unique individuals. Read more for strategies you can use to shift practices in your classroom.
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Three Core Social-Emotional Skills Students Need to Succeed in 2040 and Beyond explores the top three social-emotional skills learners need to graduate future-ready, as well as guidance for educators around classroom practices and strategies

The Social-Emotional Skills Learners Need Now—and in the Future

The workforce of the future is going to look totally different—to keep up, so should the classrooms of today. What are the critical social-emotional skills that learners are going to need, and what processes and practices need to be in place now to be sure they’re acquiring them?
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Consider these five goals as you partner with your students this school year to co-create a strong classroom culture that supports teaching and learning.

5 Goals for a Strong Classroom Culture

From empowering students to take ownership of their learning to modeling a growth mindset, a strong classroom culture is the foundation of personalized learning classroom practices. We offer five actionable goals to support your shift to personalized learning.
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Flexible working spaces are throughout Kenowa Hills Public School District and they are empowering students of all ages.

Flexible Learning Spaces to Impact Learning

The flexibility in working and learning spaces in Kenowa Hills Public School District in Kenowa, Michigan, empowers students of all ages. From flexible seating to learning environments that inspire collaboration, physical spaces matter—and we explore examples you can adopt for your own schools and classrooms.
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“I felt like I had a direction and a clear goal each day. Having the KnowledgeWorks guides assisting throughout the process was also very empowering. It was the right balance of letting our team struggle through the process and strengthening us when we felt lost or were about to break.”

Participant in Utah competencies workshops,
a partnership between KnowledgeWorks and the Utah State Board of Education

Ready to move your personalized learning classroom practices from vision to reality? Talk with a KnowledgeWorks teaching and learning expert for advice on getting started.