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Vicki Tallarigo

Manager of Business Operations

Areas of Expertise: contract and vendor management, contract and budget management, event planning and coordination

“People at KnowledgeWorks feel passionately about our work and why we do it. I think what we do is so important for many reasons, and I’m glad I can contribute to that end.”

Vicki supports the organization’s work in schools and the work of teaching and learning coaches in the field, managing contracts and budgets and meeting coordination. Prior to her current role, Tallarigo was the executive assistant to the president of EDWorks, a former subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks.

Before joining KnowledgeWorks, Vicki was the operations manager for CBRE, managing the day-to-day operations for the Cincinnati and Dayton offices. Her responsibilities included all facets of operations including strategic planning, budget planning/management, human resources, payroll, benefits administration, facilities management and coordination of the daily office needs. She was solely responsible for all events for the Cincinnati and Dayton offices, planning a yearly collaborative meeting for over 250 clients and customers along with networking events driven by their business.