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Brandon T. Moore

Senior Director of Advocacy

Areas of Expertise: community organizing, campaign strategy, issue and electoral advocacy

“For me, movement-building and systems change work isn’t about policy. It’s about the people.”

As Senior Director of Advocacy, Brandon implements state and national advocacy strategies to increase public and policymaker buy-in for personalized and competency-based learning to support its spread and scale. He brings a community and relationship-centered approach to his work, specializing in building movements that are of the community and not to the community.

For more than a decade, Brandon has been leading local, state, regional and national initiatives in issue-based advocacy and electoral campaigns, resulting in numerous legislative and federal funding wins, as well as changing hearts and minds. Before joining KnowledgeWorks, Brandon worked at Leadership for Educational Equity, helping to build civic networks committed to ending educational inequity through advocacy, community organizing, and elected leadership. Brandon brings significant expertise in national campaigns as well, having worked in leadership roles for Defend our Health, the Service Year Alliance and the Working Families Party. Brandon studied political science and public administration at Miami University.

A foodie and travel enthusiast, Brandon enjoys sampling new and interesting cuisines all over the world.