Strategic Foresight

Using insights about the future to guide action today

Staying informed about changes on the horizon can be a challenge. Within education, it can be even harder to decide how to respond while attending to organizational vision, teaching and learning expectations and each learners’ needs.

KnowledgeWorks helps education leaders, influencers and innovators like you make sense of change and take informed action today. We do this by:

  • Creating forecasts on the future of learning that can help you develop a frame for understanding the changing landscape and stretch your imagination about future possibilities
  • Delivering presentations and workshops that help education stakeholders like you explore future possibilities and generate insights for your context
  • Providing strategic guidance so that you have a starting point for exploring your own responses to change
  • Exploring critical issues such as the changing nature of work to help you get past the hype, explore multiple possibilities and consider opportunities and challenges for your learning community or organization
  • Collaborating with groups to create customized forecast adaptations that apply our strategic foresight research to specific contexts

KnowledgeWorks is one of the only organizations in the world that makes education-focused strategic foresight freely available. Since we began forecasting the future of learning in 2006, we have helped a wide range of organizations and individuals grapple with change, imagine what they want for the future and consider how they might begin creating the future of learning today.

Live sketch example from South East Ohio engagement
We explored the future of learning in three Ohio communities – urban, suburban and rural – and developed workbooks based on those sessions, which allowed the conversation to continue long after our engagement.

Engaging with our strategic foresight work has:

  • Helped schools and school districts develop new insights about how best to support learners
  • Influenced states’ visions for learning, along with their strategic priorities
  • Helped other education organizations, including service centers, associations, foundations, postsecondary education institutions and museums, hone their strategic focus, explore innovation and deepen their understanding of the issues they will need to manage as future possibilities unfold

You provided us with a magical balance of content and process. The two days were some of the best professional learning we have had.”

School Leader

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