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Strategic Foresight

Exploring the future of learning

Since 2006, KnowledgeWorks has been exploring the future of learning to help education stakeholders and innovators anticipate change, explore strategic possibilities and identify ways of creating better opportunities for all learners. We apply the principles of strategic foresight to the field of education in ways that allow all stakeholders, from district leaders to policymakers to innovators in the education technology space, to make strategic, informed decisions about what learners need now to be ready for an uncertain future. We are one of the only organizations in the world that shares its rigorous and broad exploration of the future of learning freely.

Our strategic foresight team:

While we can’t know how the future of learning will unfold, we can use foresight to guide our strategic choices today and to be proactive about shaping a future that we desire for all learners.

Our extensive collection of strategic foresight research, publications and other resources will help you explore the future of learning.