A State Policy Framework for Scaling Personalized Learning

August 13, 2015

The State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning will help states and stakeholders define and navigate their pathway from the exploratory phase of system design, where a limited number of districts engage in personalized learning practices, to statewide transformation.This policy framework guides states and districts in working together to create flexibility to support scaling personalized learning.

Building off the previously released, District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide to Scaling Personalized Learning, A State Policy Framework for Scaling Personalized Learning© was developed with insight and feedback from school districts, state education agencies, policymakers and education organizations that are focused on scaling personalized learning across districts.

By adopting this state policy framework, state and districts can be empowered to overcome barriers of a system that was designed for a time that has long since passed.


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Jon Alfuth
Senior Director of State Policy

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Sarah Jenkins
Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation