State Policies to Support Student-Centered Learning

July 14, 2022

With growing interest in student-centered learning as an approach to rethinking education systems and instructional design to better support individual learners, KnowledgeWorks teamed up with Education Commission of the States (ECS) to use their respective policy tracking systems to scan student-centered policies in all 50 states that empower districts to implement student-centered learning.

The policy brief offers an analysis of policy trends, state case studies and key considerations for those interested in a personalized, competency-based system. It also explores the existing foundation of student-centered learning policies by providing information on every state’s policy in three categories:

  1. Assessment of student mastery
  2. Flexible governance
  3. Student-centered learning frameworks

The accompanying scan includes information on state graduate portraits and profiles, graduation requirements and course credit options, and policies permitting flexible school governance.

Read the full policy brief and scan at ECS.

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Jon Alfuth
Senior Director of State Policy

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Sarah Jenkins
Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation