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ESSA Personalized Learning Dashboard

An infographic snapshot of how states are advancing personalized learning under ESSA

March 14, 2018

The ESSA Personalized Learning Dashboard offers a quick summary of how states are advancing personalized learning in their ESSA plans in an infographic format.Under ESSA, states and districts are beginning to create data dashboards to reflect student and school data, increasing transparency and giving people quick, easy access to important data. Our ESSA Personalized Learning Dashboard is created with the same intent. While a more in-depth review of these plans can be seen in Personalized Learning and the Every Student Succeeds Act, this dashboard offers a quick summary of how states are advancing personalized learning in their ESSA plans.

The data dashboard presentation is important because:

  • It offers an easy-to-read snapshot of relevant trends and facts
  • It is an increasingly important tool in sharing and summarizing data

Data shared in the ESSA Personalized Learning Dashboard includes:

  • Which states incorporate personalized learning into their vision for an ESSA implementation
  • How states are creating policies to support accountability in a way that supports personalizing learning for students
  • The number of states that prioritize personalized learning as a way to help schools improve

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