A Conversation About a Liberatory Future of Learning

Topics: 101, Education Equity, Future of Learning

What is something that makes you hopeful about the future?

That question kicked off a conversation about KnowledgeWorks newest forecast, Imagining Liberatory Education Futures, hosted by two of the authors, Katherine Prince and Katie King.

Responses focused on young people, such as the openness of youth to diverse perspectives, students who are engaging in social issues and the younger generations’ sense of empathy, equity and social justice. A similar focus on youth and the systems that support them is central to the forecast.

Imagining Liberatory Education Futures looks at liberatory education because of increased awareness of inequities in education and other social systems.

“We know there are all-too-predictable outcomes in education, and we decided it was time with this forecast to take a pointed look at what it might take to make education systems truly equitable,” said Prince.

In exploring trends and scenarios facing the future, two critical uncertainties were identified: social cohesion and the responsiveness of public institutions.

“We think that these uncertainties will face will shape the future,” said King. “But we don’t yet know how they’ll unfold. These critical uncertainties are big drivers of change.”

In this recorded conversation, Prince and King share four scenarios that describe possibilities for anti-oppressive and liberatory education in 20 years.

“The future will require our active participation if we hope to see it grow in the direction that we want,” said King.

One way to start that participation is to begin exploring future possibilities now.

Watch the full conversation and subsequent Q&A:

Join us in imagining liberatory education futures.