National Movement for Personalized Learning

At KnowledgeWorks we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience meaningful learning. We’re excited that policymakers and education leaders are joining in to support the movement towards personalized learning. We’re also proud to work alongside states and partner organizations who are committed to supporting student success through personalized learning.

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As more policymakers, systems leaders, and community members join in the movement, the implementation of personalized learning in the classroom will continue to grow throughout the country—leading to better outcomes for all students.

To scale personalized learning throughout the country, we need systemsic change. Federal policy like the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gives states the flexibility they need to design an education system that works for all students. That opportunity has allowed states across the country, who believe in the power of personalized learning, to advance more flexible and innovative policies. In addition to ESSA, many states have advanced state policy that supports personalized learning through pilot, personalized learning plans, and teacher professional development.

Since 2012, over half of the country has taken steps to implement personalized learning into their education systems at the state-level. Emerging states like Michigan and North Dakota allow for some flexibility, developing states have open flexibility for local schools to transition to personalized learning, and other states like Colorado and Ohio are advanced—creating comprehensive policy alignment and supporting efforts to build capacity for sustainable change.