Thinking About the Future of Learning

What might the education landscape look like in ten years? By asking that question, we can anticipate change, explore strategic possibilities and identify ways of creating better opportunities for all learners. Thinking about the future of learning now ensures the success of students today.


In Navigating the Future of Learning, KnowledgeWorks forecast on the future of learning, discover how current trends could impact learning 10 years from now. Since 2006, KnowledgeWorks has been creating forecasts on the future of learning, looking into critical education issues and suggesting ways of translating insights about the future into action today.

Navigating the Future of Learning is KnowledgeWorks’ fifth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning. A new era is unfolding in which exponential advances in digital technologies are causing us to reevaluate our relationships with one another, with our institutions and with ourselves.

The next decade represents a critical window of choice:

  • What major societal shifts will impact the future of learning?
  • What will learning look like in ten years, based on dominant trends today?
  • How will educator and student roles be reimagined?

As you explore the future of learning with us, we invite you to unleash your imagination, consider new possibilities for learning and explore how we can create a better future for all learners.

KnowledgeWorks forecasts include addressing foundational issues on the horizon and strategies to help K-12 schools, informal and community-based learning organizations and higher education institutions.

While we can’t know how the future will unfold, we can shape it in ways that work more or less well for all learners. We can all act as agents of change by using foresight to guide our strategic choices today.

Are you ready to take action to shape the future of learning? Check out our latest resources exploring how today’s trends today could influence education tomorrow.