Thinking About the Future of Learning

What might the education landscape look like in 10, even 20, years? By asking that question, we can anticipate change, explore strategic possibilities and identify ways of creating better opportunities for all learners. Thinking about the future of learning now ensures the success of students today.


Title "Imagining Liberatory Education futures" over a pink washed photo of children smiling

Since 2006, KnowledgeWorks has been creating forecasts on the future of learning, looking into critical education issues and the tensions that arise from them and suggesting ways of translating insights about the future into action today.

Imagining Liberatory Education Futures is KnowledgeWorks’ sixth anchor forecast on the future of learning. Our world is undergoing massive shifts. Yet many of the systems and structures on which we rely, including our systems of education, have been slow to change or have continued to reproduce patterns of inequity and injustice. A student’s academic achievement can still be predicted based on their ZIP code, socioeconomic status and skin color. This forecast shares four scenarios for anti-oppressive and liberatory education in 20 years.

As you explore the future of learning with us, we invite you to unleash your imagination, consider new possibilities for learning and explore how we can create a better future for all learners.

KnowledgeWorks forecasts address foundational issues on the horizon and can be used to generate strategies for K-12 schools, informal and community-based learning organizations and higher education institutions.

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