Evidence-Based Strategic Planning

Customized, measurable path to personalized, competency-based learning

KnowledgeWorks helps school district leaders in their system-wide, evidence-based strategic planning to move personalized learning from vision to reality.

When we partner with a school district, we first develop a deep understanding of progress toward the local vision through classroom visits, focus groups and a community-wide survey. By asking carefully researched questions and talking with a broad range of district leaders, principals, teachers, families, students and community partners, KnowledgeWorks helps to create a customized, evidence-based strategic plan, including:

  • A detailed opportunity analysis outlining the district’s progress towards providing personalized, competency-based learning for all students
  • Recommended competency-based goals for growth and alignment of critical areas, including:
    • Community-wide vision, culture and transparency
    • Curriculum and instruction
    • Assessment systems
    • Learning environment and student supports
    • Educator and leadership development
    • Technology and data systems
    • Community partnerships and career pathways
  • Proposed professional development opportunities aligned to educator strengths and growth goals
  • Suggested methods to measure and continuously improve progress
  • Strategic planning facilitation and community engagement support

Our evidence-based strategic planning approach is based on 20 years of experience working with communities, school districts, educators and learners across the country and in-depth research on the district conditions necessary to effectively scale personalized learning and create systemic impact for all kids. We know that each learning community is unique, and that this work can’t be done by districts alone. It belongs to everyone, and we’re stronger when we work together.

“The best part about KnowledgeWorks is they still let Marysville be Marysville. It’s not a canned professional development. They’re responsive to our needs and responsive to our community. That fits every school district.”

Diane Mankins
Superintendent, Marysville Schools, Marysville, Ohio

We can help move your vision with evidence-based strategic planning. Schedule a call with a KnowledgeWorks teaching and learning expert for advice on getting started.