The way teachers teach and students learn is already changing – and KnowledgeWorks is partnering with learning communities across the country to ensure those changes are equitable and sustainable.

We believe real transformation requires alignment of teaching and learning at the systems level. More importantly, we believe that each learner, no matter their race or zip code, must have access to the tools, supports and experiences needed to graduate ready for what’s next.

When you join the KnowledgeWorks team, it’s more than a job; it’s a career and an opportunity to join a talented team of experts.

We achieve more together, regardless of location

KnowledgeWorks staff includes talented and experienced professionals from locations across the U.S. to better serve and champion the diverse needs of our learning communities.

We take bold actions to transform education

Through an unrelenting energy and commitment, we inspire and champion a compelling vision for the future through our culture of learning. We value diverse perspectives, skills and experiences and advocate for open dialogue, data and differing viewpoints. We build on success, learn from failure and celebrate team.

We are evolving in our pursuit of becoming an antiracist organization.

While other organizations rightly focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice as the principal focus of their work, we remain committed to personalized, competency-based learning as a way to realize access and opportunity for each learner and as a means to a more equitable and inclusive future of learning. To do this, we must continue to educate ourselves and embrace our responsibility to treat each other and our partners with dignity and respect.

Investing in you

With individuals and teams located in all different parts of the country, it’s important for us to invest in creating a powerful, connected learning community that feels valued, recognized and empowered. We offer:

  • Healthcare benefits
  • Retirement
  • Time off and vacation
  • Skills and professional development
  • Flexible working hours