What does it mean for KnowledgeWorks to be an antiracist organization?

At KnowledgeWorks, we believe learners deserve the kinds of educational experiences that center their needs, interests and passions. They deserve to feel like they belong and have the power to make choices about their futures – not just about what they’ll be, but who.

Personalized, competency-based learning is how we make this happen.

While other organizations rightly focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice as the principal focus of their work, we remain committed to personalized, competency-based learning as a way to realize access and opportunity for each learner no matter their race, income or ability. To do this, we must continue to educate ourselves.

Our efforts to become an antiracist organization and our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice is not meant to be a repudiation of any school, district or state. It is a formalization of our efforts to learn, to understand and to embrace our responsibility to treat each other and our partners in states and learning communities with dignity and respect.

How do we define diversity?

At KnowledgeWorks, we acknowledge that race continues to be the constant driver of adverse impacts within our education system. Therefore, we approach diversity by centering race and connecting to intersecting identities (including but not limited to neurodiversity, socioeconomic status, ability, age, gender and sexual orientation).

How do we define inclusion?

Due to historical power dynamics, we recognize that certain voices have been diminished and dismissed more than others. We intentionally make space for these voices. We believe that through the practice of inclusion, we can sustain a joyful workplace where we all feel a genuine sense of belonging.

How do we define equity?

At KnowledgeWorks we practice equity by redesigning internal systems to eliminate bias and exclusion and by embedding resources and supports that allow each KnowledgeWorks team member to get what they need to succeed.

How do we define antiracism?

We believe that becoming an antiracist organization means deepening and interrogating our understanding of race and power and leveraging our resources to act.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice is not political. Though we recognize the unfortunate politicization and polarization of the words diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and antiracism, we will continue to support the work of scaling personalized, competency-based learning as a means to a more equitable and inclusive future of learning.