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We Are the Leaders We Are Looking For

April 6, 2021

Guest post by Allison Walker, instructional coach at Cane Bay Middle in Charleston, SC.

Access, equity and justice demand more than a conversation, they require our commitment to action and change. While COVID-19 exacerbated the systemic issues that have plagued education, it is not the cause of the problems.

About a month into the global pandemic, my nerves had settled (sort of) and my colleagues and I found some sort of groove—if you can call surviving a groove. Over time, we began to accept the circumstance (unable to change it) and began to ask, “How will we meet our students’ needs?” This is a loaded question because as we all know, students (each and every one of them) are different.

Why am I a part of the Leading Change Professional Learning Community (PLC)?

Alone in our individual classrooms, districts and states, answering the question of how to meet each student’s needs is a daunting task because we are seeking to solve national and global problems locally. But educators know there is so much possibility when we collaborate. Have you ever met a group of educators who didn’t do what it takes for their students? I haven’t and each day I have the opportunity to work with amazing educators who not only care for their students and colleagues but work tirelessly because failing is not an option.

This is why I am excited to be a part of creating the Leading Change PLC, a national community of educators leading transformation to systems that are learner-centered, personalized and lead to more equitable education outcomes.

Connecting with other members of the Leading Change PLC will bring so many opportunities to share strategies and ideas for advancing change and support each other as we work to build sustainable systems. I know the work will benefit present and future generations. They deserve it and we can make it happen!

Now, let’s talk about how we’re going to do the work.

The Leading Change PLC provides different entry points for community members to engage with one another. Participating in polls, connecting with members, sharing work, seeking and providing feedback, attending events, recommending topics for meet-ups or volunteering to host a discussion are all ways you can help the community thrive. No matter where you are in the process, you bring value to the community.

Learn more about the Leading Change PLC, and join the peer-to-peer community.
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I believe we, the educators across our country with our diverse backgrounds and experiences have what it takes. We are what it will take to bring the change all of our students deserve.

You see—I’m not just rooting for my school, district or state—I’m rooting for yours, too! Our country. Our profession.

We have a unique opportunity to direct the paradigm shift that is happening now, which is why the collaboration and collective efficacy of the Leading Change PLC is so important. We are the leaders we are looking for.

Watch a brief video message Allison Walker shared with other members of the Leading Change PLC about why she’s involved with this new peer-to-peer learning community:

We Are the Leaders We Are Looking For

Join the Leading Change PLC.

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