Education Policy and Advocacy Work

Partnering with state and federal policymakers

As a leader in strategic foresight and educational transformation, KnowledgeWorks helps empower policymakers to design education systems where every student in the state benefits from high quality personalized learning experiences that prepare them for success in college, career and life.

Working at both the state and federal levels, KnowledgeWorks partners with policymakers, educators and business and community leaders to develop a vision for personalized education reform. Our team then helps policymakers advance this vision by cultivating shared ownership among diverse stakeholders, establishing system alignment, closing opportunity and outcomes gaps, and scaling evidence-based teaching and learning models.

KnowledgeWorks is committed to helping policymakers transform policy systems that emphasize the following four strategies:

  • Building Capacity: For personalized learning to be successful, states must build the capacity of state leaders, district leaders, school leaders, educators and community members to create and implement policies and practices that meet the unique needs of each student.
  • Empowering Student Learning: Advancing personalized learning requires that students are provided with all the necessary supports to be successful in their education journey, including addressing unique needs, implementing whole child supports and providing diverse pathways for students to choose and move between.
  • Cultivating Systems Change: For states to successfully transition to personalized learning, there are a number of systems-level adjustments that must be made in order to ensure that this new approach to learning can by supported by policies and practices.
  • Ensuring Quality: As states establish and monitor the implementation of personalized learning, they need to ensure that students have equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities and that their needs are being met by the education system.

Our collaborative and deep engagements with policymakers and education stakeholders across the country shapes our expertise, enabling our policy team to advocate for catalytic, flexible and sustainable policy solutions at every level of the education system. Our comprehensive policy approach ensures strong educational alignment focused on personalized, competency-based learning centered around the student.

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