Personalized Learning and State Education Policy

Theseresources for policymakers will help create a shared understanding of personalized learning, both with other policymakers and with education leaders and community members.
At KnowledgeWorks, our definition of personalized learning is rooted in our belief that all children can learn, should be supported to take ownership of their learning and should be empowered with the academic knowledge and social-emotional skills they need for the future. Policymakers play a key role in enabling and sustaining opportunities for personalized learning across their state.

Personalized Learning and Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

How can policymakers support personalized learning?

To support high-quality personalized learning approaches, policymakers can:

  • Build and articulate a vision for student success that ensures students, regardless of demographics, are equipped with academic knowledge, skills and social-emotional competencies to succeed in the future
  • Establish policies that build the professional capacity of educators to teach and lead in personalized learning environments
  • Create and advance policies that enable schools and districts to design, evaluate and refine personalized learning systems
  • Engage diverse stakeholders in a system alignment process to ensure sustainability of personalized learning policies

Why should a state want to adopt policies that enable personalized learning?

Adopting policies that enable personalized learning helps to:

  • Create a more equitable education system with the flexibility and transparency needed to ensure equal opportunities for students and targeted supports that ensure each student has the knowledge and skills needed to graduate ready for the future,
  • Empower educators to meet each learner where they are with freedom to try creative ways to support individual student needs, learn from failure and collaborate to continuously improve
  • Prepare students for whatever is next for them by helping them develop ownership of their learning, ensuring they develop critical knowledge and skills, empowering them to demonstrate mastery in their own way and encouraging them to pursue their talents and interests

Why is state policy necessary to support personalized learning? What does it do?

Our current education system was designed to support standardized teaching and learning practices. Over time, policies and structures have reinforced that paradigm. Teachers and local education leaders are now attempting to innovate to keep up with the exponential changes in the world, but these outdated policies impede success. Policies that support personalized learning and innovation will create a more responsive system that reflects the changing landscape while demonstrating a commitment to the success of all students.

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Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.