Join the Leading Change Professional Learning Community

National peer-to-peer learning community for educators leading transformation to personalized, learner-centered systems and equitable education outcomes

The Leading Change PLC is an educator-driven group facilitated through the KnowledgeWorks Personalized Learning Community, an online community that connects personalized learning practitioners from multiple states.

Through online discussions and regular virtual meetups facilitated by fellow educators, members of this community will be able to:

  • Connect and learn with other classroom, school and district leaders at various stages and levels of transformation to personalized, competency-based learning
  • Celebrate educators who are seizing every opportunity to accelerate change and innovate for sustainable equitable practices
  • Develop a support system to lean on in your work to build belief in the vision and sustainable systems and structures
  • Get peer feedback, insights and ideas to help with specific challenges and strategies to advance change
  • Share resources and examples with your peers across the country
  • Reflect on what it takes to lead transformation and consider personal growth goals

Membership is currently free and open for educators who align with the community’s values and beliefs below and agree to provide regular feedback on their experiences as part of the community.  

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Community values and beliefs

While members of the Leading Change PLC are each serving unique communities and are at different stages of creating learner-centered systems, leaders who are a part of this group share the following values and beliefs:

  • All students can learn and deserve:
    • To have a voice in their education and make choices about how and when they demonstrate their learning
    • High expectations for achievement
    • Encouragement to be curious and develop a lifelong love of learning
    • To love and understand themselves as an individual
  • As a community, we will evolve and grow together as new ideas, insights, research and strategies emerge
  • Learning is a collaborative process that begins with the “WHY”
  • Educators are also learners and deserve inclusive access to professional learning opportunities that meets them where they are and moves forward with purpose toward intentional outcomes
  • All educators are leaders and can drive transformation
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Join the Leading Change PLC to collaborate with and learn from other education leaders in personalized, competency-based learning systems transformations.