Transforming State Policy

KnowledgeWorks believes state leaders and policymakers play a critical role in helping school districts and schools build dynamic education systems where every student is challenged, and every student succeeds. With a presence in multiple states across the country, KnowledgeWorks works alongside state-level policymakers, educators and business and community leaders to transform state policy and meet the specific needs of each state.

KnowledgeWorks is focused on the following state policy goals:

  • Building district-level capacity to sustain high-quality personalized learning environments. We help elevate the voice of innovative schools and districts to the state and work to ensure school districts have the flexibility they need to make the right decisions for their students.
  • Creating flexible policy environments at the state level to pilot, evaluate, and scale personalized learning. Our commitment to scalability includes a focus on ways in which states can pilot innovative education practices, including competency-based education, and gather the data needed to scale those practices across the state.
  • Aligning state and federal policy to support personalized learning nationwide. Our comprehensive policy approach shapes KnowledgeWorks’ vision and ensures strong alignment of our work. It enables our team to advocate for thoughtfully innovative, sustainable policy solutions at every level of the education system.
  • Building public will for policy change that supports personalized learning at scale. By partnering with diverse stakeholders in states and communities across the country, KnowledgeWorks helps design and execute advocacy campaigns that align with a state’s vision for education reform.

We conduct policy audits, develop briefs and reports, engage with educators to elevate innovative practices and identify policy barriers, collaborate with state-level partners to address key issues and help policymakers craft, advance and align policy solutions that support personalized learning and remove barriers to thoughtful innovation and flexibility at the district level.

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