Networking with Educators Committed to Personalized Learning

KnowledgeWorks believes that peer-to-peer learning and support is a critical component of sustainable systems change, from the classroom to the state-level. Thus we are focused on advancing inclusive, locally-driven communities of practice that empower educators to implement, spread and scale personalized learning.


In partnership with local agencies and organizations, KnowledgeWorks supports the facilitation and growth of the following state-level networks focused on scaling personalized, competency-based learning:

KnowledgeWorks partner learning communities have access to opportunities to connect and learn from each other’s experiences both within their state and across the country. Learning opportunities include school visits, shared professional development, multi-district convenings and virtual peer-to-peer learning via our online community. Cross-state peer-to-peer learning opportunities are designed by educators leading personalized learning implementations in their own communities through our Personalized Learning Community Fellowship.

Join educators from across the United States who are also advancing personalized, competency-based learning transformations in the Leading Change PLC network.