Topic: Vision and Culture

School systems in Hawai’i and Wisconsin meet to learn from each other.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

Tools for states and districts interested in fundamentally transforming learning and moving towards student-centered systems.

Sarah Jenkins
Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation

Remembering what drives you as a teacher, your “why,” is critical for weathering tough times.

Laura Hilger
Director of Teaching and Learning

Listen to five people share their personal stories about moments that helped them expand their ideas about what is possible…

Virgel Hammonds
Chief Learning Officer

What it can look like to commit to the success of each learner.

Kate Westrich
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

What matters to Nevada’s students is part of the state’s strategy for transforming education.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Senior Manager of Communications

A shared vision is a critical first step for competency design.

Supporting students isn’t an issue of partisan politics – it’s a necessity.

Matt Williams
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

A futurist walks us through how she works with our forecast Imagining Liberatory Education Futures and applies it locally.

Utah’s portrait of a graduate guides their transformation process. Hear about it from the Utah State Board of Education’s chief…

Kate Westrich
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

How one Utah teacher sees that technology shouldn’t be center stage in teaching and learning; rather, the focus should be…

Learn about the educator collaboration and goals behind Utah’s alignment of competencies and their Portrait of a Graduate.